corrosion-resistant ginning aluminum air cooler

This product should be used in cold storage, commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, supermarket, high and low temperature laboratory, ice machine and quick freezing tunnel in various environments and industries

1.The air-cooling fan and heat exchanger production line adopts European standards. The products conform to European CE and environmental protection certification. The products use high-quality fins, chip less automatic cutting and straightening equipment to process copper pipes, and advanced mechanical expansion process to make the products more stable. Higher thermal coefficient

2.Airtight test of finned heat exchanger: pass the 25 kg air pressure to pass the air tightness test in water. All the pressure and nitrogen treatment before leaving the factory, all products are in line with G/BT7659.3-1995 standard

3.Sheet metal: The chiller is made of high-quality cold-rolled sheet, galvanized sheet or embossed aluminum sheet. All sheet metal parts are treated with high-temperature spray inside and outside, so the inside and corners of the board can be effectively protected against rust and corrosion. The outer casing and frame are thick enough to ensure product stability. Stainless steel casings and frames can also be machined as needed. The hydraulic pressure of the panel is treated to increase the strength and make it more beautiful.

Model Number 5.6904E4
Type cooler
Dimension Standard
Working temperature 50 ~ 150℃
Work pressure different 1.0-1.3Mpa
Material aluminum
Life span 4-5 years
MOQ 1 pieces
Lead Time Around 7 days after receiving payment
Shipment By sea to your nearest port
By air to your nearest airport
By express (DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, EMS) to your door
Package PP bag inside, Inner carton, Export carton outside, or Wooden box as your requirement

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