Scan URL

Detect malware and viruses in URL

Why URL scan?

Our scanner not only tells you whether a given antivirus solution detected a submitted file as malicious, but also displays each engine's detection label (e.g., I-Worm.Allaple.gen). The same is true for URL scanners, most of which will discriminate between malware sites, phishing sites, suspicious sites, etc. Some engines will provide additional information, stating explicitly whether a given URL belongs to a particular botnet, which brand is targeted by a given phishing site, and so on.

Why should I vote a file or URL as harmless or malicious?

Whenever you vote a file or URL as harmless or malicious a mathematical function is applied to your reputation and the result of this function is added as reputation points to the file's maliciousness index. The overall file score may be used by other users as an additional indicator on the nature of the file in addition to the antivirus results. The number of votes in one sense or another also serve the same purpose.

The antivirus result displays a green circle with a white tick mark, what does this mean?

VirusTotal makes use of the ✔ checkmark symbol to indicate that the given file was not detected in any way by the antivirus under consideration. We do not use the word "clean" or "innocuous" because antivirus solutions do not tell you whether a file is goodware, they just flag maliciousness.


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